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Website Speed Optimisation

Website Speed Optimisation Image

Website Speed Optimisation Image

Website Speed Optimisation is the the new SEO “must have”.

This means if you have a fast website, then Google (and the other search engines) will love your site.

Why Google Loves A Fast Website Speed

Google is more likely to love a website that perform fast page rendering.

Why is this important? Search engines aim to give their users a quality user experience, and no-one likes waiting around for a webpage to appear, when its clicked on from a Google search.

So fast websites are always more popular with users and Google knows that too.

So Google rewards them with higher SERPS (search engine ranking positions), which is good for website traffic, sales and leads.

If you know how to speed up your website that’s cool, but if you need some expert advice, especially for your WordPress websites, why not speak to our partners at Social Media SEO Ltd. Web designers and SEO Experts.

They also offer a very competitive Website Speed Optimisation service that we recommend.

Contact Social Media SEO Limited.  (London, United Kingdom) Tel. +44 7872 535 507 (OR click on the website speed optimisation link above to find out more).